October 27, 2010

Not Typical French Fare!

This post is not gonna be word-intensive. Instead, some food porn! Hooray!

These pictures are from the gourmet dinner my group helped with at school last week. It was a French theme, but with modern presentation tweaks. The result? Yumalicious and gorgeous food!

First up, smoked salmon souffle with caviar, plus house-made cheese crackers and a drizzle of chive butter:

Then, a puree of cauliflower soup, with a fleur de lys sandwiched between two thin potato crisps:

The fish course was a black cod with an olive crust and three pepper coulis:

Intermezzo was a grape Champagne sorbet with alize:

The dish I helped prepare was a roasted pheasant breast with escargot basil butter, carmelized butternut squash, and parsnip puree. It was garnished with an escargot (yep, a snail), and surrounded by a fantastic reduction of chicken broth. Check it out:

The cheese course was cute. A maple leaf played base, topped with Crave Brothers cheese (like a slightly stinky brie), a small apple, and honeyed walnuts:

Dessert was a meringue with caramel rum sauce. Not my favorite, personally, but it was pretty:

And no full day in the kitchen would be complete without some outtake shots:

What looks good to you?

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